Can I bring my own catering?
Yes, you can bring your own catering and caterer need to be licensed and insured.
Can I bring my own cake and can it be delivered before the event?
Yes, you can do that as long that is on the same day.
Are there parking facilities?
The parking is free of charge and there are 200 available car spaces.
What is the childcare policy/facilities?
Children are allowed on premises and they need to be supervised by adults.
What are the access times?
If agreed in advance the access time can be as early as 07:00 am.
What is the procedure for late evening and weekend access/exit?
Late access is possible as long as the previous party is finished and we are ready to accept your delivery. Exit from the property is agreed in advance with event organizer /celebrants.
What kind of security is provided ?
We have fully licensed security, cctv, metal detection unit.
Can the CCTV be switched off?
Yes, it can but only during religious events – ladies only.
Can my event be recorded?
Yes, it can be done.
Are there any audio visual facilities?
There is a professional PA system, video projector, tv etc.
Does the Inn have 3-phase power?
Yes, it does.
Is there a sound system?
Yes, there is.
Are the storage facilities provided?
Yes, they are.
What are the room set-up options?
Many different options are available depending on the number of guests.
Is flash photography permitted?
Yes, it is permitted.
What are the places which can be used for photography?
There is a couple of places. It all depends on your choice.
Is the furniture included in the hire?
Yes, it is.
What are the deposit payment requirements?
50%,of agreed venue hire price.
What is the cancellation policy?
Before the 7th day, we offer full refund while there are no refunds after that period of time.
Are there noise restrictions?
No, there are not.
Is the late night licence included?
Do you have the access for disabled?
Is confetti allowed?
Are pets/animals allowed?
Can I bring props for my event?
Do you have lighting packages?